Update 2: 07/11/2018

Welcome to the second update!

First off, Major Goal Setting Alert!!!
At the start of this week's session Mr Storey announced the current goal: to get the car into a testable state by the new year: 6 workable weeks away. It is going to be tough, but hopefully everyone on the team will pull through to create an amazing construction.

Here is our now regular piece from Seren who has been busy interviewing people on the amazing work they have been doing.

Archie - Drive team

Archie is helping Joel and Robbie with the motor. The motor is the most important part of the car, if we had no motor we couldn’t move the car unless we felt like pushing the car round the track. The motor is currently being placed around the surface of the car to see which position best suits the safety of the driver and is the most efficient place that won’t take up the majority space of the car.

Adam- Drive team

Adam is sanding gears with Barnaby. The gears need to be sanded because if they are rough and have ridges they may affect the smoothness and the way it moves. They may also cause sparks and become a danger hazard.
Felix – Media team
Felix is helping the merch team by learning how to be the master of the laser cutter to create our latest creative keyring prototype. We have recently created a calendar to give us more of an idea of what we need to do when. So our merch team is working on new designs for our keyring designs to spice up the merch!

In other news...

The Electrics Team has been busy wiring up the speed controller and brake lights.

The Bodywork team is currently sanding down the styrofoam bodywork, ready to be attached to the aluminium frame that one of our resident Sixth-Formers, Oliver, has been creating with some help from younger years.
The steering team has been hard at work re-building the steering wheel into a more ergonomic shape.

And Madeleine is currently cutting out the wheel hub models on the laser cutter.

And Finally...
Our drawing of the week by David. He has been studiously drawing all session and came out after an hour and a half with this amazing drawing of the laser cutter! We are hoping to make this a regular feature.
That's blog two done! From now on these should come out most weeks at 6pm on Wednesdays, excluding school holidays.

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